Ideal for vigorous outdoor sports such as ATV riding, dirt biking,
motocross and etc., requires keeping out dirt, dust or pollen
but also needs high respiration air flow.


Easy Breathing High
Air Flow Respiration

The µ2 is a new patented respirator which utilizes the long lasting MicroAirScreen® filtration material allows a high respiration air flow for easy breathing even in the most vigorous sports. NOT like other masks which tell you that hard labored breathing is an Leaf: "simulates high altitude training". Not exactly what one wants in real life.


Keeps out Dirt,
Dust and Pollen

The MicroAirScreen® filtration material keeps out dust, dirt and allergenic pollen, so you are not sucking in these pollutants as you give it your all. 


Long lasting
Filter Material

The µ2 utilizes the MicroAirScreen filtration material, NOT an entraining pad (particles trapping) filter medium, so does not get clogged and does not have to be continually replaced, as do those other masks which use mat pad filters. No replacement filters are ever necessary.


Easy to Clean

µ2 with the MicroAirScreen material is built into a
nylon faced neoprene face cover and is simply
rinsed off. You can hand wash with mild soap.
* Do not use washing machine or dryer.

Adjustable Fitting

The µ2 uses a Velcro band for comfortable adjustable attachment.175

From µ2SportsMask User
"You guys rock!

I suffer from severe pollen allergies and live in Nashville which isn't kind on allergy sufferers.  Anyhow, I saw a long-distance runner and Olympic silver medalist wearing one of your masks and figured if an Olympic athlete found it effective, it was worth a try.  So I bought one and use it for triathlon training and racing on the bike and run during high pollen season.  I haven't had a sinus infection in seven months and before I was getting one about every six weeks.

Thanks to your product, I can get out and do what I love.  For that I am most grateful. Thanks you so much!"

Michelle M.
µ2 sportsMask comes in large size generally for men and medium size for women and in different colors
µ2 sportsMask comes with heavy duty carrying Black color pouch.
  Color:  Size: Price:
Royal Blue Large $30.95
Royal Blue Medium $30.95
Royal Blue Extra Large $32.95

Black Large $30.95
Black Medium $30.95
Black Extra Large $32.95

Military Camo Large $30.95
Military Camo Medium $30.95
Military Camo Extra Large $32.95

Leaf Camo Large $30.95
Leaf Camo Medium $30.95
Leaf Camo Extra Large $32.95

White Large $30.95
White Medium $30.95

Fisher Pink Medium $30.95

Special Edition
Silver Gray Large $30.95
Silver Gray Medium $30.95
Fluorescent Green Extra Large $32.95 Out of Stock
Fluorescent Green Large $30.95
Fluorescent Green Medium $30.95
Red Large $30.95 -
Red Medium $30.95

**Include 8.875% sales tax for NYC residence or appropriate NY state tax

or Send check or money order to:

µ2 sportsMask is manufactured
and distributed by groupWeston

Return Policy
1. Return item(s) has to be unused and in an original package and sent back with copy of original invoice.
2. Shipping charge is not refundable.
3. Return item(s) is subject to a 10% restocking charge and item(s) must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.
4. Customer is responsible for return or exchange shipping charges.

µ2 SportsMasks are warranted for 90 days from date of purchase for defects in manufacturing and can be returned for replair or replacement.

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